About VAPA

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

American poet, singer, memoirist and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou


About Vietnam Academy of Performing Arts (VAPA)

Our vision

In the interest of building a happier Hoi An, VAPA aims to:

    • Support and empower local artists;
    • Increase arts engagement within the broader community; and
    • Promote compassionate and ethical living through arts education and events.

Our mission

By presenting innovative, relevant and diverse cultural opportunities we aim to:

    • Enhance the learning provided by schools and universities;
    • Promote the creativity and innovation needed to build a more competitive workforce;
    • Provide programs that reflect and expand community interests,
    • Lay a foundation for arts participation that will continue to enrich this community for years to come.

Our core values

Honesty, integrity, trust, adaptability, inclusiveness, diversity, creativity, health and wellbeing, sustainability, and community.

Our structure

VAPA operates under a hybrid business model. In other words, the profit generated from our paid services is used to grow our organisation and fund free programs for people with less means.

Kate Elisabeth

Artistic Director

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Kate has been living in Hoi An since 2016, and is highly passionate about culture and the arts. She has more than 30 years of artistic engagement under her belt, plays multiple musical instruments, and has trained in over 15 styles of dance.

It is not often that you find people with a range of skills as diverse as Kate. In addition to music, drama and dance, she has also studied nutrition, fitness and applied social science; and draws experience from working in at least 7 different industries.

Kate is not driven by money or material gain, but rather draws inspiration from her desire to live in a better world. She is not a bystander, will always say what needs to be said, and considers helping people and fighting for change to be her main purpose in life. Furthermore, Kate has previously turned down or left well-paying jobs to avoid compromising on her values, and will always prioritise doing what is right over her own personal gain.

Although Kate will always love Melbourne and consider it home, she has found great happiness in Hoi An, and looks forward to not only witnessing, but actively participating, in its growth.

A message from Ms Kate:

“The world needs to change faster. Empowering people to think outside the box, and act responsibly and with compassion, is the fastest and most equitable route to building a better world.

VAPA is not just about harnessing creative potential, it’s about social change. It’s about arming people with the tools they need to succeed in any arena.

Hoi An offers the kind of warmth, vibrance and comfort that makes travellers who planned to stay a day, stay a week. To support VAPA is to invest in the physical, emotional and economic wellbeing of a community primed for embracing diversity and growing its potential!”

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