Corporate Events

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

American poet, singer, memoirist and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou

Corporate events

Looking to add some sparkle to your next corporate event?

No matter what your needs, VAPA is ready to help your organisation grow its potential!

Performer pose following their final performance as part of a 6-part team building corporate event

VAPA offer countless opportunities to breathe life into corporate events. For example, we can tailor live performances to suit any theme, and will gladly collaborate with your event management team to make sure your event is a memorable one!

We also facilitate fun, arts-based team-building activities that are perfect for developing emotional and social intelligence competencies. These skills are not only essential to achieving a strong organisational culture, they are also the cornerstone of truly effective leadership.

Our Facilitator and Event Coordinator, Kate, studied a Bachelor of Applied Social Science at the Australian Institute of Applied Psychology. Since then, she has also completed countless hours of further study into the role soft skills play in shaping great people, employees and leaders. In other words, helping people develop the skills they need to succeed in both work and life is what she lives for!

Kate has previously conducted team building activities with great success. This is largely due to her professionalism, leadership and bubbly personality! Kate also loves performing and working with untrained artists, and boasts more than 30 years experience praticising and teaching perfomance art.

We can provide facilitation for full days, half days, or match the timing to suit the needs of the project. In other words, just let us know what you need and we will do our best to deliver!

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