Dance for adults

“That’s what I love about dance. It makes you happy, fully happy”

American actress, singer, businesswoman, film historian, and humanitarian, Debbie Reynolds

Discover a fun new way to express yourself with dance for adults!

VAPA runs dance classes and workshops for adults covering a range of different dance styles. All of our courses are aimed at beginners, but dance enthusiasts of all skill levels are welcome.

Whether you learn from our Artistic Director, Kate, or one of our amazing guest teachers, you can be certain to be welcomed into a safe and inclusive space. Kate knows from experience how challenging it is to express yourself in a harsh and critical environment, which is why she will always strive to provide the very opposite of that for her students.

A message from Kate:

“When I studied contemporary dance at university, I was bullied by a group of students who disliked me for reasons I will never understand. It was a fairly tough time in my life, so I mostly kept to myself—and perhaps that was the problem. Some people just don’t like it when you stop participating in their social rituals, regardless of your reasons. Still, whatever the cause, as my bullies’ unkindness grew, so too did my newly developing hatred of dance. That was why I eventually dropped out. I mean, if you’ve loved something your whole life, and someone or something causes you to start hating it, then walking away seems like the only sensible choice.

After that I took a break from dancing, and threw myself into years of self-study and reflection. Returning to dance was a revelation, because I finally knew who I was, how I wanted to express myself, and most importantly, I realised that other people could only impact on my experience if I continued playing by their rules. Love dance as I do, the industry could do with a culture change. Promoting inclusiveness and giving adult beginners space to become their own ideal is important to me. That is the culture I am striving to create with VAPA’s dance program for adults.”

What now?

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