Danceathon registration

Danceathon registration

Before you fill out the form and complete your DANCEATHON registration, here’s everything you need to help you prepare for the event:


To register as an individual or team, fill out the form below. Once you have registered, download the pledge form and start reaching out for sponsors!

Ask your family and friends to choose an amount to donate for every 15 minutes you spend rocking out on on the d-floor.

They can also nominate the maximum amount they are willing to contribute!

Donors can pledge their support, either by filling out the printed form, or by filling out one of the two pledge forms on our ‘How to give’ page.

We will also help you reach to family and friends living outside Hoi An via our online fundraising campaign!


Choose your favourite of 6 decades (1950s-2000s) and wear a style popular at that time. We’re giving away prizes for best costume, so dust off your poodle skirts, bell-bottoms and shoulder pads, or ask your parents, grandma or grandpa if you can borrow theirs!  

Check out this playlist to find your style, or keep scrolling to learn more:

Your very best decade-specific dance moves. Time to jump on YouTube and discover which moves were popular when. At the end of every hour, you’ll have 10 minutes to show us your best hand jive, twist, running man, etc., with prizes going to those who nail the dances of the day!

Check out this playlist to brush up on your moves, or scroll down to register:

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