Dancewear and shoes now available for sale at Vietnam Academy of Performing Arts (VAPA)Dancewear and shoes now available

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Available to anyone, whether they learn with us or not, VAPA is now taking orders for dancewear and shoes.

In addition, VAPA will be introducing uniforms to all of our classes for kids… Here’s why:


We want students to respect their craft

Dress codes are a part of history of dance, and teach students to value and respect the art. Dance is discipline, and that starts with how students dress for class.  

A neat appearance sets a tone of attentiveness

Above all, learning to make art should be fun. However, few things stir excitement and have the potential to incite chaos like attending performance art classes. Dance uniforms help keep kids calm, and the result? EVERYONE has more fun—including the teacher! 

Safety is our number one priority

Given the physical nature of dance, along with the demand it places on dancers to step outside their comfort zones, the practicality and functionality of clothing needs to be considered. That is to say that inappropriate clothing can cause distractions, discomfort and even injury. 

Uniforms promote a sense of unity and belonging

Much like in sports, dance uniforms make students to feel like they’re a part of something special. They also promote inclusiveness and can help bridge cultural and age barriers.

Uniforms level the playing field

Having a dress code eliminates competitiveness over who’s wearing the latest attire or most popular trends.

Teachers can accurately gauge student progress

When students wear uniforms, teachers can clearly see their alignment, lines and positioning. This helps them make appropriate corrections, and gauge students’ progress more accurately. Being able to easily recognise which students need more assistance, is essential to ensuring every young dancer is given their best chance at reaching their goals.

Uniforms are cost effective, and easier for parents

By wearing the same thing to every class, parents can avoid buying unnecessary amounts of dance and active wear. Not to mention it reduces kids fussing over what to wear!

What now?

Parents of enrolled students can expect an email with more information. If your child is not a current student, but you wish to place an order, please contact us.

Alternatively, you place your order at Shore Club‘s upcoming Expat Appreciation Party to receive a discount!