“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”

American writer and management consultant, Meg Wheatley


VAPA performs at one of many community events in and around Hoi AnEvents with VAPA

Planning something special? At VAPA we just love events! No matter what your requirements, we are certain we can help make your next event a memorable one!

Community events

Since our beginning, VAPA has participated in a variety of different community events in and around Hoi An. Offering live and interactive performances, demonstrations, workshops, and more, we have many tricks up our sleeve, and are happy to work with event organisers to tailor our involvement to meet the needs of the event.

Corporate events

Live performances

Whether you are looking for something simple or spectacular, VAPA will work with you to customise a show that captures the theme and mood of your event.


Building an effective team is essential to the success of any organisation. Likewise, taking employees away from the everyday grind helps team members break through professional and personal barriers. As a result, you will see improvements in both productivity and motivation. But, most importantly, they will learn to work more cohesively as a team.

Arts-based activities, especially, will help your employees develop the confidence they need to take their work to the next level. In addition, your staff will learn to communicate more effectively, and better understand the experiences and perspectives of their co-workers.

To make a booking, go to our contact page, or send us a message via Facebook @vapahoian.


What now?

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