VAPA uses Seesaw to connect teachers, students and familiesIntroducing Seesaw:

An interactive platform for students, teachers and families!

From next term, we are giving students and families the chance to enhance their experience of our classes. That is to say we will be introducing Seesaw—an easy to use, interactive platform, available both on the web, and iOS and Android.

Boasting intuitive tools, Seesaw works on three levels…

Introducing Seesaw for students

By joining the virtual classroom to match their face-to-face class time, not only can students expand their knowledge and develop skills outside of class time, they can also create a portfolio to demonstrate their learning and progress. Furthermore, their portfolio will allow them to reflect on their learning over time, and create something they are proud to share with their family and friends.

Moreover, using tools like drawing, voice recording, video capturing, and more, students can demonstrate their growth in a way that suits them! 

Introducing Seesaw for teachers

In addition to posting video tutorials and activities that will help your kids explore their potential outside of class time, teachers can view students’ work, and provide valuable feedback specific to their learning. Teachers are also better able to identify strengths and areas for growth, so they can adapt their classroom strategies to best meet the needs of each individual student.

VAPA will also be posting videos taken during class time, shared exclusively with members of this online community!   

Introducing Seesaw for parents and families

Parents and families can login to see their kids’ work and celebrate their progress! 

Looking to the future…

Setting up an account with Seesaw is free. For enrolled students, joining the class to match their face-to-face learning is also free. However, as we develop our learning materials, you will have the option to sign up for additional online classes. These will offer a greater number of video tutorials and interactive activities. That means kids who love to dance can further their studies at a time and location convenient for them. Also, these low costs online courses provide a more affordable option for dance enthusiasts of less means.

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