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“I wanted to become an artist because it meant endless possibilities. Art was a way of reinventing myself.”

English filmmaker and photographer, Samantha Taylor-Johnson


Staff and students celebrate the end of a 6 part happiness and wellbeing workshop

Join the VAPA team!

Careers in the arts present countless opportunities for personal and professional development. Moreover, you get to reap the rewards of helping people reach their full potential! Join the VAPA team today, and contribute to the growth, development, and overall wellbeing of the Hoi An community.

Still not sold on the idea? Here are just some of the benefits of working in the arts:

  • Being creative. Careers in the arts present endless possibilities to think outside the box.
  • Working with great people. Collaborating with other creatives helps you learn and grow!
  • Developing vital skills. There is no better way to improve your communication and interpersonal skills than working in the arts.
  • Helping people grow. The value of arts education cannot be overstated. By working in the arts, you will be helping make better humans!

Whether you join us as a volunteer, guest teacher or permanent staff member, you can rest assured your time with us will be both magical, and memorable!

If we currently have no job openings, but you think you have skills and experience that will benefit our organisation, please contact us.

We currently have no job openings