Award Recipients

2019 Mischewski Award

Đặng Ngọc Quỳnh Quyên

(aka Sumi)

Born in 2008, Sumi has been dancing with Ms Kate since 2017. In that time she has shown herself to be—not only dedicated and passionate about dance—but kind, patient, empathic, adaptable, and highly supportive of those around her.

Artistically, Sumi is interested in both dance and drawing. During VAPA’s 2018 summer camp she was asked to draw in response to various pieces of instrumental music. Sumi’s work indicated an above average understanding of the required task, and showed that she is not afraid to make her identity visible through her art.

Sumi previously received the Consolidation Prize at the 2017 Provincial Internet Olympiad for English, and is thrilled to be receiving this opportunity to develop further as an artist.

Congratulations Sumi 🏆 We hope that your journey inspires more young people to embrace the arts and start growing their creative potential!