“If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, then you are an excellent leader.”

American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, actress, author, businesswoman, and humanitarian, Dolly Parton


Flyer for women's leadership scholarship for aspiring artists in Hoi An

Scholarships – Kate Elisabeth Award for Women in Leadership

VAPA’s scholarships offer free learning opportunities for disadvantaged kids living in Hoi An. For instance, recipients of the Kate Elisabeth Award receive a scholarship offering 20 hours of creative classes and leadership mentoring with Ms Kate, free of charge.

Classes will cover basic dance and movement techniques, along with acting and public speaking skills. These activities build confidence, and will help recipients develop the competencies essential to effective and inspirational leadership.

Along with gaining invaluable work and life skills, recipients of this award will also develop their English and communication skills. Most importantly, though, they will start developing the tools essential to overcoming barriers like disadvantage and hardship.

With further funding raised via our sponsorship program, we hope to double the hours of training provided by 2021.


Kate Elisabeth

Kate Elisabeth is an Australian Singer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Dancer, Writer,  Businesswoman, Teacher, Humanitarian, and Founder and Artistic Director of Vietnam Academy of Performing Arts (VAPA). She is a life-long arts enthusiast, whose passion for creativity is rivaled only by her passion for equality and social justice.

Kate’s employment and education history spans multiple industries and fields of study. As a result, she brings a diverse range of skills and knowledge to any professional setting. She prides herself on setting an example of kindness, tolerance, inclusion, accountability, and respect. And with more women in leadership, Kate’s certain it won’t be long before we see that same behaviour modelled on a global scale!

A shy and cautious teenager, Kate has overcome a great many barriers to get where she is today. Now she is on a mission. A mission to empower more young women to break the mould and discover their potential!’


A message from Kate:

“Despite my obvious privilege, I have to say that being a smart, strong, independent woman has never been easy. It’s just so much harder for women to get ahead, no matter how intelligent or skilled they are.

I can only begin to imagine how difficult it is for trans and disabled women, women of colour, and any other category of women relegated to the lowest end of the pecking order.

Their marginalisation, and to a lesser extent, my own, is why I’m so excited to be presenting this award. For me, the road to self-belief has been both long and arduous, and while many of those challenges were essential to developing resilience, I’m quite certain the journey didn’t have to be as so hard.

If only I’d been more informed, which neatly describes my aim in delivering this training:

To help young women become better informed—about the world we live in, the challenges they’ll inevitably face, and all of the amazing things they don’t yet know they’re capable of.”


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