“Music is a way to dream together and go to another dimension”

Italian opera singer, Cecilia Bartoli

Flyer for songbird award for aspiring vocalists in Hoi An

VAPA Scholarships – Songbird Award for Aspiring Young Vocalists

VAPA’s scholarships offer free learning opportunities for disadvantaged kids living in Hoi An. Recipients of the Songbird Award receive a music scholarship offering 20 hours of private singing tuition with Ms Kate, free of charge!

Classes will cover the vocal exploration, music interpretation, storytelling, physicality, and expression. Moreover, recipients will develop their English and communication skills, while building the confidence needed to overcome barriers and achieve their goals.

With further funding raised via our sponsorship program, we hope to double the hours of training provided by 2021.

 A message from Kate’s sister:

Songbird Award for Aspiring Young Vocalists

“We all feel musicality to be spiritual in one way or another. But, of all instruments, it’s the voice that most suffers or succeeds based on internal barriers to spiritual embodiment.

That’s why it makes me so proud to hear Kate‘s singing. So professional and empowered, in her own unique, authentic, creative voice. A voice which—in its rich ownership and individuality—harks to singers like Adele, Nina Simone, and Cher. Such artists being immediately recognisable because they’ve mastered THEIR instrument, rather than the supposed rules of THE instrument (whatever that means).

For both Kate and I, finding our singing voices has always been a spiritual journey. A journey that’s mostly grown *in spite* of teaching and advice, rather than because of it. It upsets me to hear what singing teachers say to students. Too often they focus so much on the “what” of the voice. Subsequently, they riddle with anxiety the “who” that controls the voice, and set singers up to fail.

Recipients of the Songbird Award are so fortunate to have the opportunity to work closely with Kate, who practices everything we preach about singing, and breaks conventions whenever they inhibit expression. You don’t get that good, or that unique, without saying to hell with cultural expectation, and fully inhabiting your own, authentic identity.”

Sarah is an expert in children and youth literacy. Her website, The Early Learning Continuum, is a valuable resource for parents and librarians dealing with pre-school aged children.

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